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Exploring the Scenic Views of Big Lake: A Photographer’s Paradise

A person paddles a red canoe on Big Lake, Alaska. In the background, majestic snow-capped mountains and lush forests under a blue sky.

In the heart Alaska, just three hours from Denali, Big Lake offers some of the most photogenic landscapes in the region. Its vast, shimmering waters, surrounded by dense pine forests and towering mountains, provide endless opportunities for photographers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate amateur, Big Lake serves as a perfect canvas to capture the stunning beauty of Alaska. Here’s a guide to making the most of your photographic journey at Big Lake, a true paradise for photographers. When in town, be sure to stop at Big Lake Boat Rentals & Adventure Co for cabin rentals, boat rentals, and more! 


Table of Contents:


Capture the Perfect Sunrise and Sunset

Big Lake’s wide horizons and clear waters are ideal for capturing both sunrise and sunset. The sun’s rays reflecting off the lake create a spectrum of colors that change from moment to moment, offering dynamic scenes for photographers. For the best light, aim to set up your equipment during the golden hours—shortly after sunrise or before sunset—when the light is soft and diffused, casting beautiful hues and long shadows across the landscape.

Seasonal Splendor

Each season at Big Lake brings its own unique appeal:

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  • Spring unveils the thawing of the lake and the blooming of wildflowers along its shores, presenting a vibrant palette of colors.
  • Summer offers lush greenery and long days, allowing ample time for capturing the bustling wildlife and recreational activities on the water.
  • Autumn is particularly breathtaking, as the surrounding foliage turns fiery red and gold, reflecting beautifully in the lake’s calm waters.
  • Winter transforms the landscape into a serene, snowy wonderland, perfect for capturing the stark contrasts and tranquility of ice-fishing spots and snow-covered trees.

Wildlife Photography

Big Lake is home to an array of wildlife, including moose, eagles, and occasional bears. Photographing these creatures requires patience and a good zoom lens. Early morning or late afternoon are typically the best times to spot wildlife as they come to the lake to drink or fish. Always maintain a safe distance and respect the natural habitat of these animals while capturing their majesty.

Aerial Views

For a different perspective, consider aerial photography. Drones are increasingly popular and can capture sweeping views of Big Lake and its surroundings. Aerial photos can showcase the vastness of the area and offer a unique angle on the typical landscapes. Be sure to check local regulations regarding drone usage in public areas to ensure compliance with all rules.

Photographic Workshops and Tours

Family Enjoying Pontoon Boat Rental in Big Lake

For those looking to improve their skills, Big Lake Boat Rentals and Adventure Co. occasionally offers photography workshops and guided tours. These are fantastic opportunities to learn from experienced photographers who are familiar with the best spots and times for capturing the essence of Big Lake. These tours not only enhance your photographic skills but also ensure you come away with stunning images and a deeper appreciation of the area.

Night Sky Photography

The remote location of Big Lake makes it an excellent spot for astrophotography. On clear nights, the Milky Way is often visible, and the lack of light pollution ensures deep, dark skies. Capturing the stars reflected in the still waters of the lake can make for a magical and unforgettable image.


Big Lake is a photographer’s paradise, offering endless opportunities to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of Alaska. Whether you’re looking to expand your portfolio or simply capture memories of your adventures, Big Lake provides a diverse landscape that can meet any photographer’s dream. Ready to explore and capture the stunning views of Big Lake? Contact Big Lake Boat Rentals and Adventure Co. for rental information and start planning your photographic expedition to this Alaskan gem.