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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Adventure-filled Road Trip to Big Lake, AK

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You don’t have to look to hard to find all the reasons why Big Lake, Alaska is the PERFECT summer road trip destination.  Your trip to Big Lake, Alaska, offers an escape into the wild, where stunning landscapes and thrilling adventures await. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a curious explorer, Big Lake serves as a perfect destination for those looking to immerse themselves in nature and indulge in exhilarating activities, right in the heart of Alaska sandwiched between major cities and nature destinations. 


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Here’s your ultimate guide to planning a memorable road trip to and through Big Lake, complete with all the essentials you’ll need to make the most out of your adventure! If you are looking for a place to stop on your next adventure, look no further than Big Lake Boat Rentals & Adventure Co

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Start with the Right Route

The first part of any road trip, is creating just the right route. Big Lake is conveniently located just an hour away from Anchorage and three hours from Denali National Park, making it an ideal stop on your Alaskan road trip. From Anchorage, take the AK-1 N and AK-3 N, a scenic route that offers breathtaking views and potential wildlife sightings. Along the way, consider stopping at points of interest such as the Independence Mine State Historical Park or the idyllic town of Wasilla to stretch your legs and enjoy local culture.

Packing Essentials

When packing for Big Lake, it’s important to prepare for all types of weather and adventures. Essential items include:

  • Weather-appropriate clothing: Pack layers to adapt to changing temperatures. Include waterproof gear, as Alaskan weather can be unpredictable.
  • Camping and hiking gear: If you plan to explore the numerous trails or camp by the lake, ensure you have reliable gear.
  • Fishing equipment: For those who want to try their hand at fishing, bring along your rods and tackle, or plan to rent them at Big Lake.
  • A camera or binoculars: With the stunning views and wildlife, having a camera or a pair of binoculars will enhance your experience.

Accommodations and Rentals

At Big Lake Boat Rentals and Adventure Co., you can find a variety of accommodations and rental options to enhance your stay. Choose from cozy lakeside cabins, convenient RV spots, or even a sauna to relax in after a day of adventure. As for activities, the company offers pontoons, jet skis, kayaks, paddleboards, and skidoos, ensuring there’s something for every thrill level.

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Booking in Advance

To secure your spot and preferred equipment, it’s wise to book your rentals and accommodations in advance, especially during peak travel seasons. You can easily check availability and book directly on the Big Lake Boat Rentals and Adventure Co. website.

Activities and Attractions

On the Water

Take advantage of Big Lake’s expansive waters by renting kayaks or paddleboards for a serene morning glide or crank up the excitement with jet skis or a skidoo. Pontoons are perfect for group outings, providing a relaxing way to enjoy the lake and its surroundings.

Fishing and Wildlife

Big Lake is known for its excellent fishing opportunities. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned angler, the lake’s abundant fish population promises a rewarding experience. Don’t forget to grab a fishing license from the local authorities before you cast your line!

Hiking and Exploring

For those who love to stay on land, the area around Big Lake offers numerous hiking trails that offer incredible views and the chance to spot local wildlife. Trails range in difficulty, so there’s something suitable for all fitness levels.

Local Dining and Supplies

While the adventure at Big Lake often centers around the great outdoors, don’t miss out on local dining options. Pack supplies for a lakeside BBQ or visit local eateries to enjoy fresh, Alaskan cuisine.

Staying Safe

Safety is paramount when exploring the wilderness. Always let someone know your plans, carry a basic first aid kit, and be aware of your surroundings, especially wildlife. Big Lake Boat Rentals and Adventure Co. can provide safety tips and advice on local conditions.


Planning your road trip to Big Lake ensures a blend of adventure and relaxation in one of Alaska’s most beautiful settings. With the right preparation and a spirit for adventure, your trip to Big Lake will be nothing short of spectacular. Ready to start your adventure? Visit Big Lake Boat Rentals and Adventure Co. to learn more and book your next adventure!