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Fun Activities in Palmer

Introducing Palmer, Alaska!!  

A Blend of Rustic Charm and Outdoor Excitement

Welcome to Palmer, Alaska, a quaint town nestled in the Matanuska Valley, known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant local culture. Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing day in nature or an adventurous outing, Palmer offers a diverse range of activities that cater to all interests.

Explore Palmer’s Rich Agricultural Heritage

Musk Ox Farm: Get up close with Alaska’s Ice Age remnants, the Musk Ox. The Musk Ox Farm offers guided tours where you can learn about these fascinating creatures and their importance to Alaskan natives. It’s a unique opportunity to see Musk Ox up close and to learn about the qiviut wool industry.

Palmer Museum of History and Art and Visitor Center: Start your visit at the Palmer Museum and Visitor Center. This central hub offers insights into Palmer’s history as part of the New Deal Colony project and showcases local art and historical artifacts. The visitor center is also a great resource for finding out about local events and hidden gems.

A panoramic view of the Palmer Visitor Information Center with a prominent sign, amidst lush greenery and mountainous backdrop under a cloudy sky.

Delight in Local Events and Festivals

Friday Flings: If you’re visiting during the summer, don’t miss Palmer’s Friday Flings. This outdoor market features local artisans, farmers, and food vendors. It’s the perfect place to sample local produce, shop for unique crafts, and enjoy live music.

Alaska State Fair: Palmer is famous for hosting the annual Alaska State Fair. Held at the end of August through early September, the fair is a must-visit for fun rides, concerts, giant vegetable contests, and excellent food stalls showcasing Alaska’s agricultural bounty.

Adventure Awaits in the Great Outdoors

Hiking and Biking: Palmer is surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, making it a prime destination for hiking and biking enthusiasts. Trails like the Bodenburg Butte are popular for their manageable hikes and panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and mountains.

Glacier Tours: Take a guided tour to the nearby Matanuska Glacier, where you can walk on ice that’s thousands of years old. These tours provide spectacular scenery and the opportunity to learn about glacial features and processes.

A Day at Big Lake

Just a short drive from Palmer, Big Lake offers a plethora of water-based activities and is the perfect spot to unwind after exploring Palmer.

Water Sports and Boat Rentals: Visit Big Lake Boat Rentals and Adventure Co. to rent kayaks, paddleboards, or even a pontoon for a leisurely cruise on the lake. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the Alaskan wilderness from a new perspective.

Fishing and Relaxation: Big Lake is well-stocked with local fish species, making it an excellent spot for fishing. Alternatively, you can just relax by the lakeside, have a picnic, and soak in the serene environment.

Visit Palmer!

Palmer, Alaska, is a delightful blend of history, culture, and outdoor activities, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking a mix of relaxation and adventure. From its agricultural roots to its modern-day festivals and nearby natural wonders, Palmer offers an authentic Alaskan experience. Don’t forget to cap off your visit with a trip to Big Lake for a refreshing day of fun on the water!